In-salon hair transformation is now possible: Karyn starts a new era.

With the launch of Karyn, INEBRYA reaches a new level of professional RESTRUCTURING, introducing a cutting-edge range consisting of a RESTRUCTURING PROTEIN BOOSTER in VIAL and three BRIGHTENING AND CONDITIONING LOTIONS, designed for cosmetic treatment and specific care of Coloured, Bleached/Highlighted, Dry, Frizzy, treated hair.

A new world of professional treatments which, complying with specific protocols, allows professionals to offer their clients a concentrated treatment with instantly visible results, for a complete sense experience. It is a new concept of cosmetic ritual that transforms hair beauty by transforming the products themselves.

Therefore, Karyn's innovative and unique element lies in products' TRANSFORMATION into a SUPER RESTRUCTURING FOAM.

Thanks to the foam's ultra-delicate texture with an extraordinary perfume, hairstylists can perform an exclusive and customisable BEAUTY RITUAL, combining it with a massage technique at the workstation for instantly healthy, silky and regenerated hair.

The main actor of one of the two Power Mix Rituals is PROTEIN REPAIR BOOSTER,  a concentrated booster formulated with Proteins and amino acids. Mixed with the most suitable Rinse-off lotion - depending on the hair type (Color or Bleach) - an exothermal reaction occurs in the special foamer provided, thus transforming the treatment into a real repairing ritual that works deeply on the damaged hair.   

For a brightening and visibly conditioning result, the lotions can be used individually by applying one of the 3 EXTRA SHINE RITUALS.
COLOR CARE and BLEACH CARE LOTION are left on for 10 minutes, then the hair needs to be rinsed off before proceeding with the styling. For those who want an Express service, specific for dry, frizzy and treated hair, Karyn offers the leave-in vial MOISTURE CARE LOTION, designed to enhance hair shine without weighing it down. 

All Karyn's treatments have been formulated WITHOUT SOLPHATES and SILICONS and enriched with Wheat and soy amino acids and natural active ingredients with high moisturising properties (Pataua seeds, Chia seeds, Quinoa seeds).

To ensure a long-lasting result of the salon restructuring treatment, it is recommended to apply 1 to 2 vial a week of the most suitable lotion, alternating with other after-shampoo treatments.

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